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From Paris To Dubai: Promoting Companies Through Premium Brand Communication

From Paris To Dubai: Promoting Companies Through Premium Brand Communication

Discover French luxury communication and printing techniques

Invitation card for Louis Vuitton, gold foil printing, laser cut envelope, customised case and ribbon
Invitation card for Louis Vuitton, gold foil printing,
laser cut envelope, a customized case, and ribbon

Nowadays, companies face the enormous challenge of increased competition and savvy consumers. More than ever, it’s become vital to revamp brand engagement and client re-enchantment.
Do you believe your brand deserves to gain even more consumers through authentic communication?

I am delighted to share with you today my initiative in combining my French expertise with the high standards of customers in Dubai and Asia.

How I started my career in branding…

I was born and raised in Abu-Dhabi. This fast-changing country, with an instinct for excellence, made me realise that pursuing a career in business design was my goal. Showcasing a brand’s values in an elegant way seemed to me essential for company growth.

The obvious step was a move to Paris, the city of « savoir-faire », where I obtained my masters degree in industrial design, specialising in visual communication. I enjoyed my studies so much that I was elected valedictorian and won best project of the year.

Following this achievement, for more than a decade, I harnessed my passion for premium branding, expanding my vision to a 360 angle, understanding that innovation and creativity are key to authenticity and uniqueness.

Now, with my solid network of experts in French premium branding, I’m thrilled to share my knowledge with brands.

« Today, many companies need to change their visual identity and way of working to adapt themselves to the new world. They need someone who will personally accompany them in that change. This position doesn’t really exist in traditional advertising or marketing agencies. And that’s what I am aiming to do. »

Nour Ezzedeen
An excerpt from this interview
Nour Ezzedeen
Luxury branding advisor, Paris – Dubai.

… Leading to a partnership for excellence

In 2014, I met Arancha Vega. At the time, she was Chief Creative Officer for Louis Vuitton. I was amazed at her expertise and the 20 plus years of realizations she has achieved for this iconic brand.

Since then, we have been sharing the same vision of bringing creative intelligence to brands. Two years ago, Arancha joined Grafikmente, a creative agency based in Paris, guiding French luxury brands such as Chanel and Hermès to name a few. We immediately started working together.

Together with our team, we bring more than a hundred years of brand premiumisation know-how through creative design strategies, luxury printing techniques, and art direction. Our printers and partners are always ready to take up complex challenges in order to create emotions through objects of exception.

Explore our work here

Arancha Vega
Creative Director from Grafikmente
Louis Vuitton invitation card for the new collection.
Hot foil stamping on cotton paper.
Louis Vuitton invitation card.
Edge gilding and bespoke shaping.

To engage a purpose for brands

Arancha and I complete each others’ expertise. With craftsmanship and creative mastery on one hand and the knowledge of the mindset and local customer needs on the other, together, we are looking forward to offering emotional and sensorial marketing tools.

We are able to analyze the existing branding of a company and create new ways of adding value to the brand’s legacy through exceptional communication, customized branding and employing printing techniques of exceptional quality.

We don’t just think outside the box – we’re all about reinventing it! By taking your communication to the next level in terms of innovation and originality, it will be impossible to compare your brand to another. You will be creating the element of imagination, surprise, and trust for your customers.

« My educational background in Fine Arts gave me a keen appreciation
of beautiful objects and a sense of balance.

From my experience in the luxury industry I also developed a taste for detail and excellence. The communication field inspires me with its multiple potentialities, its coded and secret messages, where nothing is insignificant, where everything has a meaning, a touch, a form, a detail…

In a world of globalization, creating contrast is essential for outstanding market positioning. Today, brands can gain an advantage by finding the right professional who orchestrates all this knowledge and can understand their DNA and associated codes, to express their uniqueness and meaning.

Working with these mediums and tools is a passion for us and this is reflected in each of our creations. »

Arancha Vega
Creative and Consulting Director at Grafikmente agency.
Louis Vuitton collection leaflet.
Covers made from laminated leather and hot stamping.
Louis Vuitton Logo.
Curved hot gilding with iridescent thread.

So how do you reveal your brand through premium communication?

There are a plethora of creative ways to showcase your brand identity. What is the main goal you wish to attain? What are your customers’ needs?

So many questions are to be answered in order to build a consistent path from strategy to realization. We are here to lead from point A to point Z to make your brand shine.

Here are a few ideas:

Invitation card
Invite your VIP guests or customers with an elegant package containing an invitation card and additional information.

Louis Vuitton Chinese New Year’s celebration invitation card.
Box with envelopes, dry embossing, and embossing with gilding wax.

Showcase your brand’s assets through a packaged book of high-quality images.

Louis Vuitton collector book of photographs.
Canvas rimmed case with hot stamping.

Represent your companies’ values in a playful way with a board game.

Complete package
Send a full promotional case with a series of portfolio assets, a business card, a USB key, and an A4 document.

« It will be impossible to compare your brand to another given that your communication gained in innovation and originality. You will be creating the element of imagination, surprise and trust towards your customers. »

Ready to premiumise your brand?

Combining our track record of French expertise and applying it to international brands, we look to rework marketing tools with creativity and audacity.

Brand premiumisation creates uniqueness as an outcome through exceptional objects. Offering a poetic and customized gesture to your clients will create undeniable added value to your brand.

Let’s see how we can implement smart, creative,
elegant marketing and communication tools to your brand!

Nour Ezzedeen Creative Visual Identity Logo
France +33 7 81 43 73 78 – Dubai +971 50 570 6249







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