Stéphane CG. – Photographer

Collaborating with Nour for my visual identity was very effective.
She was able to justify her aesthetic choices with tangible elements: good arguments and concrete examples from comparable businesses.
Her advice, in its quality and consistency, was very important!

Ophélie B. – Copywriter

A virtual meeting which ended in a real professional crush.
Beyond her solid know-how, Nour is by nature empathetic and deeply caring. This is what makes her an outstanding manager, able to lead a project and all its participants from A to Z, with efficiency and good spirit.
A precious partner!

Mike Bones – Artist

Heartfelt thanks to Nour for making the time for me. Throughout her patience, her passion and her professionalism made it possible to rule out or consolidate certain opportunities for my professional development.

Pascale DLQ – Author

Very happy to have been able to discuss with Nour a cover project for my novel.
For her listening, her insight and especially her analysis, well done!

Jorys O. – CEO Din Advice/Invest

I am very satisfied with the exchange we had and its effectiveness

The workshop helps to realize both the image you have of your business and the very concept of your business and I really appreciated the format.
In terms of her way of communicating, Nour is dedicated, attentive and very calm, that’s fun!
I thank her for the work done.

Cyril H. – Influencer in personal development

I have known Nour for years after meeting her in a professional and friendly environment. We quickly hit it off. She is very attentive in her work, a good listener, seeking to understand what is reported to her without trying to impose her ideas. She uses all her experience to provide solutions for everyone with kindness and authenticity. We had the opportunity to work together to create an Instagram account and her advice was beneficial, relevant, with a methodology showing me the way forward.
I highly recommend her!

Rania Awada – Composer

Nour is a person of great finesse, very attentive and extremely rigorous.
I really enjoyed working with her on everything related to communication and events. She is creative, caring and tolerant. She is deeply involved in the project giving the best of herself.
Apart from her professional skills, she has great human qualities. This last point seems essential to me for all artists who wish to make known their achievements.
With Nour, we feel safe and well supported.
I highly recommend her.

Johane T. – Locks specialist

Nour is a really good listener, but not only that. She really seeks to know the whole project so that it best meets expectations and even what we did not expect! Her price is well worth it. I can’t wait to continue the work we started and recommend her!

Mizrain M. – Co-manager of the MT PROTHESES laboratory

I wanted to thank Nour for the valuable professional advice given when setting up my business. All of her advice guided me to make the best marketing choices and to get contacts from trusted experts. Her responsiveness and listening skills are very appreciable and reassuring qualities when setting up a business.
I highly recommend her services, her good humor and her seriousness.

Juliette May – Communication manager of L’Athanor pizzeria bio parisienne

We contacted Nour Ezzedeen to establish the visual identity of our pizzeria. A first interview was scheduled so that she could assess our project and our vision of it.
This meeting confirmed our desire to work with her. She was able, throughout our collaboration, to listen and lead our discussions to help us develop a definitive idea of our visual identity.
Her creativity, responsiveness and professionalism have enabled us to define our logo, our brand, our menu, as well as the various marketing supports effectively. We are really delighted with her work and highly recommend her.

Assmahane Baghri – PrestaShop Events Director

I have had the opportunity to work with Nour many times during my career in different companies and have been delighted. I entrusted her with the management of a graphic project : the visual identity of all my European events over a year. I am convinced that Nour has a good knowledge of design strategy and has been able to match her creativity with my needs.
She followed the whole project from start to the end with me, sharing her recommendations and expertise to make my visual identity stand out and adapt to my sector. Thanks Nour !

Charlotte F – Buyer / Product Manager

I loved Nour’s classes, she has a great positive energy, it feels good.
Her courses in branding are sharp and dense, enough to flesh out your business creation project and make good branding.

Miguel Correia – Founder & Creator Stock-D – Upcycling in interior decoration

I embarked on an upcycling activity in interior decoration and I called on Nour to develop my business plan. She was able to optimize my value proposition as well as my communication.
Thanks to her mentoring program, I am supported throughout the creation of my business.
The responsiveness and the solutions she provides are more than useful and allow me to save precious time.

Françoise V. - Consultant

I enrolled in Nour's course on how to create communication collaterals using digital platforms.
She knows how to share her expertise with pedagogy an generosity, I quickly felt at ease. Her listening, availability, relevance of her choices and explanations really enlightened me in building my brand identity.
I am absolutely satisfed!

Isabel Judez – Architecte

Building my brand with Nour allowed me to refne my goals. We chose the right keywords and created impactful visuals to express my brand DNA in a clear and sturday way.
She is a professional with a strong knowledge of her profession, has a contemporary feel of aesthetics and excellent communication skills.

Aïda Andolsi – Creator of Aïda Ready to Wear

On every aspect, I was delighted to receive your training. I acquired new technical knowledge in digital marketing. How to be more visible, how to attract my target niche and how to organize my posts. But it is above all your creativity and your sensitivity that has help me a lot. You immediately understood my identity and my brand, and you were able to lead me to highlight it. You were able to make my needs a reality.
Thank you again for your availability and your professionalism.

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